Alt Book Club

The Alternative Book Club is a unconventional comedy night about books running monthly at The Bottle of Sauce and hosted by Shirley Halse. You’ll be relieved to hear there is absolutely NO required reading…

Most people are too busy for a traditional book club but everyone has a favourite book. Every second Wednesday, speakers from different walks of life share hilarious sets about all kinds of books (from classic works to obscure comics and from non-fiction to chic-lit).

We’ve had all sorts of unexpected topics so far, including:

Mike Fennell on the ups and downs of Joey Barton, Nick Page on the top twenty books he has read, not read, or is currently writing, Howard Butcher on ridiculous Byzantium history, Chelsea Birkby on Sartre’s Nausea and existentialism, Iona Craig on the bad writing habits of ‘war correspondents’, James Crawley on spoken word (and more).

The Alternative Book Club is organised and hosted by Shirley Halse. It runs from 7.30pm every second Wednesday of the month at The Bottle of Sauce in Cheltenham.

So come along and join the club. You can follow the events on Facebook through this link: If you’re interested in speaking, drop me a message.

We also have a podcast which you can listen to here: